Asset Support

Labour Supply

People bring the energy that drives every operation. Our workforce and supervised services ensure you have access to the right people, with the right competencies, precisely when you need them.

Our global pool of high quality, ready-to-mobilize experts includes professionals from all major disciplines such as mechanical and structural, piping, rotating equipment, electrical, control and instrumentation, process, operations and maintenance.

Enhance the performance of your assets, improve productivity, and reduce costs with the skilled labour, experienced supervision and direct management we can provide. For you, it means that as well as having a dedicated capability, you can tap into logistics, recruitment and competence management resources on an as-needed basis, keeping your overheads low.

Competence assurance

We work with our competence assurance experts to ensure we have the right people in the right roles, supported by plans to support their long-term development.  Competent Person Profile frameworks define the capabilities our people need to succeed, and act as our method of achieving, maintaining, demonstrating and improving competence.

Clear and effective communication is vital to our ability to integrate, motivate and keep our employees safe, engaged, and productive. Supported by our Human Resources and Communications functions, we create a two-way dialogue that ensures our people live our values and are aligned with client and asset KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Asset Management

Under our asset management model, you retain the license and maintain the relationship with the regulator, while we manage the asset. We support single asset operations and asset clusters, onshore and offshore, including marine vessels

Blended solutions

We use a blend of solutions to define and manage the many factors associated with assets, driving operational efficiencies and improvements in performance. These solutions will:

  1. Improve safety and integrity
  2. Increase reliability and availability
  3. Reduce cost
  4. Assure compliance
  5. Manage risk


Having the right maintenance and integrity management strategy makes a world of difference. We put plans and systems in place to help you strike the ideal balance. Our approach ensures your equipment is available for longer, lowering your environmental footprint, and ultimately reducing cost and extending asset life.

Working with you to define your scope, objectives and KPIs, we complete a baseline review to identify the best maintenance philosophy, tools, maintenance software, procedures, and activities to meet your needs.


Predict the future, reduce the burden

Effective prediction enables you to:

  1. Enhance productivity 
  2. Reduce operating and project costs 
  3. Improve asset uptime 
  4. Eliminate duplication 
  5. Reduce manual effort 
  6. Maintain uptime, increase efficiency


As an asset owner, this is one work scope we know you don’t take lightly. Our approach leverages our own extensive experience of building and managing infrastructure, and the data that comes with that, to support you to reduce shutdown and turnaround timescales.


Challenge shutdown activity, maintain uptime

We work to preserve value by maintaining equipment and plant uptime. Our operations experience and digital tools support us to challenge shutdown activity and, potentially, find alternative means of executing work during operations. Where that’s not possible, meticulous planning and pre-shutdown activity, proven across the globe, supports us to reduce the duration of planned shutdowns.