In-Country value / National Content


Our model of local execution to global standards sets us apart. In-country value (ICV) / National Content allows us to create local supply chains that allow small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to flourish, upskill and train local workforces, and implement community programs that leave a positive and lasting impact beyond the assets we build and operate.

Our competitive advantage

As well as being the right thing to do, we see the creation of in-country value as a source of competitive advantage. It helps us operate globally and bid on challenging projects, while benefiting from the local economies.

Our approach to ICV

ICV / National Content is aligned to the way we operate and goes beyond our contractual or regulatory requirements. It is one of the focal points of our strategic framework and we aim for sector-leading local delivery.

We continue to procure a large proportion of goods and services from local vendors and suppliers, support a significant number of local jobs, and work to enhance the capabilities of local people. While some governments require us to do this, we typically go beyond our contractual and regulatory obligations regarding local content in most cases.


Like you, we recognize the importance of developing and supporting national workforces and local supply chains. We can support your nationalization goals through the provision of training and competence relative to the skills and needs of your workforce.

We have a strong track record in delivering technical, regulatory, and academic training to help you meet your nationalization goals. Our nationalization programs equip delegates with the necessary skills and qualifications to enable them to make an immediate and valuable contribution in the workplace.

We develop and run large-scale technical nationalization programs in the Middle East, Central Asia & Africa and have generated significant in-country value for over a decade.

Our team of multinational training professionals has extensive industry experience and has supported some of the world’s largest companies

Our unique approach

What differentiates our learning and competency solutions is our ability to combine interactive digital curriculum, training and competence management software with practical, immersive technical training delivered using our industry – standard training plants to fast-track learning outcomes. 


The results of this approach are competent, confident and capable employees, with a reduced time to autonomy at the worksite. 

We continue to evolve our training content to meet the needs of today’s complex energy assets and an ever-more skilled workforce.