Pumps, Motors & Marine Equipment

Navigation equipment

Radar equipment
Multi pilot / ECDIS systems
Chart pilot / ECDIS systems
VDRs (voyage data recorders)
Integrated bridge systems
Collision warning systems
Autopilot systems
Charts / plotters
GPS / DGPS equipment
Heading data
Sea floor mapping
Echo sounders
Speed logs
Steering systems

Ropes, cables & consumables

Closing rope
Deep sea cable
Drilling rope
Driving rope
Ground cable
Hoist rope
Lifeboat falls
Lifting rope
Mooring rope
Ramp wire
Support cable
Tow ropes
Traction rope
Winch rope
Nylon (Polyamide) rope
Polyester rope
Polypropylene rope
Polyester/Polyolefin rope
HMPE (Steelite) rope

Life boats & davits

A wide range of lifeboats, rescue boats, survival capsules, hook release systems, davits and related equipment -all conforming to IMO and SOLAS 1983/96 regulations and EC labeled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive. We can provide ABS, BVI, DNV, LRS class approvals.
Our lifeboat & davit range covers… Conventional lifeboats up to 136 persons Free-fall lifeboats up to 90 persons
Fast rescue boats up to 8.5m
Fast rescue crafts up to 12m
Fast daughter crafts up to 24 persons Totally enclosed lifeboats
Hook release systems


Air Pumps
Engine Cooling Pumps
Axial Flow Pumps
Barrel Pumps
Bilge Pumps
Boiler Feed Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps
Chemical Pumps
Deep Well Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Fire Fighting Pumps
Fuel Injection Pumps
Gear Pumps
High Pressure Pumps
Lubricating Oil Pumps
Marine Pumps
Screw Pumps
Sludge & Sewage Pumps
Submersible Pump

Eco systems

Sewage Treatment Plant
Vacuum Systems
UV Sterilisation
Oily water Separator
Bilge water Separator
Reverse Osmosis Plants
Water Makers
Ballast water treatment plant
Hypochlorite Generator

Safety equipment

Gas Detection & Monitoring Equipment
Breathing Equipment
Rescue Equipment
Fire-fighting Equipment
Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
Water-based Fire Systems and Pumps
Special Fire Hazard Systems
Resuscitation Equipment