Who We Are


A leading international service provider to the energy and marine industry

We’re a leading energy and marine services company that helps our clients to meet the world’s evolving energy and marine needs. We use our engineering know-how, our construction and commissioning expertise to design, build, and operate world-class energy and marine facilities that are engineered for safety, optimal efficiency, and low emissions.

We work across the entire asset life-cycle - from design to decommissioning. These competencies, supported by flexible commercial models, robust local delivery, and a technology neutral approach, set us apart. 

Our operations are heavily dependent on our ability to attract, retain and lead the right level of skilled and experienced personnel. Engineering expertise, expertly delivered, is at the heart of everything we do


Bringing the right energy to drive superior performance

For more than two decades we’ve been serving clients across the globe, designing, building and operating facilities and training the people who support them.

We blend our front-end engineering skills with our project management expertise, mass procurement network and logistics knowledge to design and execute large-scale, complex, EPC project design, construction, commissioning and handover.

Our experience is built on more than 100 projects across the world, from the scorched terrain of the Middle East desert, to the depths of the North Sea. We design and build world-class oil & gas processing facilities, marine vessels, clean fuel refineries, cement plants, Pharmaceutical manufacturing complexes, power plants, sugar refineries, distilleries, and update clients’ existing infrastructure to meet the latest global standards.


In our operations business, we have a strong track record in managing our client’s assets for them, ensuring their safety and integrity; and using our knowledge and digital technologies to maximize asset efficiency


We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, our commitment to service quality, and driven by a laser-sharp focus on assured delivery.

But how do we do it? We stay close to our customers, understanding their needs and tailoring our services and commercial models to suit their requirements. In our lump-sum business, we leverage our high value engineering centers in India, and the Middle East, to drive our detailed design process for large-scale EPC projects.

Our procurement team tap into a global network of vendors and in-country supply chains that we have established and nurtured ourselves, to ensure we deliver locally, to a consistent standard of service quality. That’s a commitment of assured delivery, whether we are designing and building or managing an operating asset on behalf of a client. This allows us to deliver a tangible in-country economic value well beyond the physical presence of the assets we build and operate.


Whatever service we are offering, our aim is to be the trusted partner of choice.

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